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OpenGenomeBrowser is a dynamic and scalable web platform for comparative genomics.


A shortcut: opengenomebrowser-tools

The library opengenomebrowser-tools makes loading genome-associated files into the folder structure really simple.

For example, it only takes two commands to annotate an assembly using prokka and import it into the folder structure:

export GENOMIC_DATABASE=/path/to/database

init_database  # requires the opengenomebrowser-tools python library

prokka \
  --strain STRAIN \ 
  --locustag STRAIN.1 \
  --genus Mycoplasma --species genitalium \
  --out /prokka/out/dir \

import_genome --import_dir=/prokka/out/dir  # requires the opengenomebrowser-tools python library

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have some idea of how OpenGenomeBrowser works.