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OpenGenomeBrowser is a self-hostable open-source platform that manages access to genomic data and drastically simplifies comparative genomics analyses. It enables users to interactively generate phylogenetic trees, compare gene loci, browse biochemical pathways, perform gene trait matching, create dot plots, execute BLAST searches, and access the data. It features a flexible user management system, and its modular folder structure enables the organization of genomic data and metadata, and to automate analyses.

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If you find a bug that has not been reported yet, submit an issuehere on GitHub.

To chat with the developer join the OpenGenomeBrowser Discord channel.


OpenGenomeBrowser wins SIB Innovative Resource Award!


At the [BC]², OpenGenomeBrowser received the SIB Innovative Resource Award!

Listen to the acceptance speech:

Spinoff founded: Abrinca!


We founded a spinoff company, Abrinca GmbH! Its purpose is to provide support, maintenance and development for OpenGenomeBrowser.

Paper published on BMC Genomics!


The OpenGenomeBrowser paper preprint is now available on BMC Genomics. Many thanks to the reviewers for their feedback! Click here to see it!

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OpenGenomeBrowser wins poster award!


At the SIB days 2022, Thomas Roder received a poster award for OpenGenomeBrowser.


OpenGenomeBrowser was created with funding from:

How to cite

Please cite our paper on BMC Genomics:

Roder, T., Oberhänsli, S., Shani, N. et al. OpenGenomeBrowser: a versatile, dataset-independent and scalable web platform for genome data management and comparative genomics. BMC Genomics 23, 855 (2022).

Click here to see the bibtex code.
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